We came to New Zealand from the UK in 1997 and moved to Feilding in 2004.  The name Minffordd originally comes from Wales where we lived for 20 years and had a cottage of the same name when we first married.

The “dd” in Minffordd is pronounced “th” and the word means the beginning of the journey.

When we bought the property we inherited a flock of sheep, but they had not been well tended and needed dagging and their feet done, which we spent a whole weekend doing.  As we both worked full time this seemed very labour intensive and was the start of our change over to alpacas who are an easy care animal by comparison.

Bob is now “retired” and manages the 10 acres and the cottage, while Jenny is employed 3 days a week at Massey University as a Lecturer in nursing and manages the alpaca health and welfare, such as  when are injections due, who will we mate this year?