Alpacas are easy care – they do not need intensive care, but there are some basics they should have:

Hay should be fed all the year round to assist with digestion.  Nuts are an optional extra, except for females in the last 3 months of pregnancy and when lactating – at this time extra nutrition is needed and Lucerne will also help with this.  Ensuring quality nutrition in the 3 months pre-birth increases the likelihood of a better fleece on the cria.

They should have access to shelter – from the heat and the wet.  Some alpacas will use this more than others, but a shelter belt, barn or sheds should be available.

They require vitamin ADE injections for the first 2 years of life to prevent rickets and also worming – according to numbers kept and whether they are grazing with other animals, especially sheep and goats and injections against clostridium.

They do not get fly strike or foot rot, but can get rye grass staggers and facial eczema – prevention for the latter can be by spraying the  paddocks and/or giving zinc nuts during the at risk season.  They do need their feet trimmed – some more times than others.

They are not keen on dogs, but will get used to your own if you have them.  While they can spit, this is not common and usually saved for their paddock mates or the vet!  Their droppings are wonderful for the garden.